Eschool Management system is comprehensive software for streamlining the school operations. Includes the Student Registration & management, class registration & Management, Fee system, a complete exam system, account records, employee registration, online leave management, parent interaction, web and email alerts, a blog for events and galleries etc. Parents can batter know with the performance of their children, complaint feature allow the parents to submit a complaint to the chairman and keep in touch the complain progress.
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Free online library management system. That means you don’t have to pay for it. Library members can search library catalogs, download library materials, Book fine, Library notification and Book Reservation with just one click. Main feature is that you dont need to have any Server System, Backup Data and Technical manpower for it. We are performing these tasks free for you.

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Comprehensive and user friendly accounts management software for medium sized and small sized distributors and manufacturers looking to modernize management in cost effective and easy way. ITCARE AIPS provide affordable and quick solution that streamline your whole working procedure and everything will be on your fingertips.
On the other hand, its cost effective because there is no hardware requirement, you just need an internet connection its ready to go.

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