Accounts, Inventory, Payroll System (AIPS)

ITCARE Accounts, Inventory, Payroll System (AIPS) is the most comprehensive and user friendly accounts management software for medium sized and small sized distributors and manufacturers looking to modernize management in cost effective and easy way. ITCARE AIPS provide affordable and quick solution that streamline your whole working procedure and everything will be on your fingertips.
On the other hand, its cost effective because there is no hardware requirement, you just need an internet connection its ready to go.

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Prominent Features

Business Franchises

Franchises Allow to expand your business. All the Franchises works just like ordinary company having their own ledgers, inventory, employees etc. but you are monitoring that.

  • Create Business Franchise/Outlets/Branches
  • Create Franchisee/Branch Manager

Vendors & Customers

Your are buying or selling things to some regular same persons. No need to put every thing every time. Just create your vendor/suppliers and customer details. Software will maintain then ledgers and transactions. You can do credit or cash business.

  • Create/Edit/Search Vendors
  • Create/Edit/Search Customers

Items & Inventory

Create the items just one time, they will be shared among all Franchises. When you purchase things, these will go to inventory. You can manage your stock in different store rooms and move in between them anytime.

  • Create/Edit/Search Items
  • Search Inventory
  • Create/Edit/Search Store Rooms
  • Move Stock
  • Create/Edit/Search Measurement Units

Accounts & Ledgers

You can create business accounts and do transactions to these accounts. Software will keep the entries in balanced form and other things according to accounting rules. Ledger and journals are automatically maintained, you can generate different reports any time.

  • Create/Edit/Search Account Classes
  • Create/Edit/Search Account
  • Chart of Accounts & Trail Balance
  • General, Customer, Vendor, Employee Ledgers
  • Search General Journal
  • Search Ledgers
  • Highlight Transactions for analysis
  • Revert Transactions

Track Incoming Cheques

Software track the incoming cheques, puts it to the post dated cheque and adds a tracking no. You can mark the cheque as cashed, rejected or even forward to some other party on single click. Software will maintain the ledger details according to the actions.

  • Receive Cheque
  • Track Cheque
  • Reject, Cash or Forward Cheques

Sale & Purchase

When generating sale, purchase invoices stock and related user accounts and stock affect accordingly. You can do business on credit to system known vendors/customers, or on cash to anyone. Software also maintain the details for sale, purchase, sale return, purchase return ledgers.

  • Create/Search Sale invoice
  • Create/Search Purchase invoice
  • Create/Search Sale Return
  • Create/Search Purchase Return

Employees & Payroll

You can add details of your employees, manage them according to their jobs. You can pay advance salary, software will adjust it to next salary or receive it any time. You can generate salary sheets on single click and adjust them according to your own.

  • Create/Edit/Search Employees
  • Assign Jobs and Salary Details
  • Generate Salary Sheets
  • Advance Salary Payment
  • Advance Payment Return

Business Reports

Speed up your business tasks with the power of Reports, you can generate many different report, some are as under

  • Inventory/Store/Low Stock Reports
  • Stock Balancing Report
  • Outstanding/Receiveable Report
  • Expanse/Advance Salary Report
  • Purchase/Purchase Return Report
  • Sale/Sale Return Report
  • Customer/Vendor/General Ledger Report

Staff, Vendor, Customer Logins

You can create different login accounts for your Staff (e.g. Sale Persons, Accountants) or Managers, Vendors, Customers etc. Each having different access level to system features.

  • Create/Edit/Search Staff Accounts
  • Create/Edit/Search Vendor Accounts
  • Create/Edit/Search Customer Accounts

Other Features

  • Sale/Purchase can work with barcode or manual
  • Create Barcode stikers for your items
  • Beautiful user friendly Interface
  • Advance Searching Capability
  • Responsive view on Smart Phone and Tabs

Help & Support

  • Phone Support
  • Training For usage


* Terms and Conditions apply
  • Starter

    Rs.10,000/- per year
    • 1 Franchise
    • Weekly Data Backup
    • Free Subdomain
    • Free Hosting
    • 1 Month support
  • Basic

    Rs.20,000/- per year
    • 2 Franchises
    • Daily Data Backup
    • Free Domain
    • Free Hosting
    • 2 Months support
  • Custom Package

    Contact per year
    • Customer Chosen Options
    • 2 Months support